La Moustache puts on diy shows and events since 2007, occasionally organizes tours and is now also a record label.


Analog Ruins & Guns’N’Gänseblümchen

Saturday August 22

Bei Ruth, Ziegrastraße 11-13

doors 9pm, show 10pm

S Sonnenallee

Analog Ruins

Analog Ruins

Melodic Post Punk from Bremen

Analog Ruins have been rehearsing in their current formation since 2013 and have played a couple of shows with Big Eyes, Schwervon!, Rae Spoon, Naive, Static me, Caves, friend crush and Gwehrmutter.

The band members know each other from different contexts in Bremen. Some of them have lived together, organised concerts as queer-feminist concert-group »betty beatz«, put up a queerfeminist festival called q*flash in 2012 and played together in all different kind of diy/ rrriot/ performance/ punk/ singer-songwriter projects resp. bands (a.o. Kobayashi, Awry Pattern, Neongrey, Largact.ill, Too Rude To Be Cute, Toxic Titbits, Sissy Boyz, Ärzte Ohne Ängste).



Noise/ Post Punk/ Punk from Göttingen and France

We’re a drum/guitar duet with voices, playing sweet and loud. We’re based in Germany and France. We’re members of bands like Slux and Llamame La Muerte. We’re a diy no-profit band, and much more…


We have these releases on our label

Maybecyborgs Panic Shirt EP


glittery lärm pop, queercore & postpunk with artificial flavours

MaybecyWHAT?? It a group! It’s a person! No, wait – it’s a solo show through and through – only as loud as yr favourite riot grrrl band! Berlin-based MAYBECYBORGS perform quirky postpunk with artificial flavours plus a strong noisy queer edge.

Scratchy electric guitars meet passionate rants meet old school drum samplers meet synths and electronics to celebrate absurdity and making it danceable – sarcastic, loud and always meow!

Platte Leiseylento F.I.L.


is a BAZAR MUSICAL under the protection of the GREAT PISSING GODDESS.

We define our music as a performance which is flirting both with POETRY and POLITICS. Ideas can grow organically, improvisations mix with rhythms derived from Tango, Chanson and strange movements. Within the sound of the singing saw and the acoustic guitar identities begin to FLOW. Leiseylento is influenced by the surrealist movement and the DIY-Spirit, and admires artists like Claude Cahun, Vaginal Davis, Antonin Artaud and Les Reines Prochaines.

Since 2007 Otok and Cristian Forte aka Beatriz del Río are travelling step by step between Berlin and Buenos Aires. In 2009 the duo found its name: leiseylento. A word built in two languages: »quiet« in german and »slow« in spanish.

Our first album »repair« was produced in 2011 now is time for the new one: F I L coming out on the 18th of July 2014.

Artists who played

Abstract Random, AJ Shanti, Analog Ruins, Bathtub Theory, Batrider, Blockshot, Blue Screen Of Death, Brangelina, Business Lunch, Brabrabra, Candelilla, Cara Beth Satalino, Cat’N’Guyen, Chinawoman, Chris Pureka, Clouds For Lunch, Damn’It Janet, Danso Key, Des Ark, Dubais, Ex Best Friends, First Fatal Kiss, Friend Crush, God Des And She, Godmother, Golden Disko Ship, Goldwiener, Guns’N’Gänseblümchen, Gwehrmutter, Halley, Hanin Elias,

Hank Bobbit, Haunted House, Hellga, Heimwehhotel, hooker, Hornet Leg, Humousexual, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Jason & Theodor, Jean Genet, Jesus And His Judgemental Father, Just Friends And Lovers, Kaia Wilson, Käptn Awesome, Karo, Katie Stelmanis, Las Kellies, Le Roi Et Moi, Les Trucs, Lovers, Leah King, Les Reines Prochaines, Levitations, Lesbians On Ecstasy, Liam Kelly, Lianne Hall, LIINES, Malaise, Mary Ocher, Marzipan Marzipan, Mo Leen, MuttTricx, Maybecyborgs, mayr, mOck, Mother Of The Unicorn, New Bloods, New Dog, Nicole Reynolds, OPA, Party Weirdo, Petethepiratesquid, Petra und der Wolf,

Pogotowie Seksualne, Pony Pack, Plaided, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, RVIVR, Rae Spoon, Rat Rat Rats, Ravioli Me Away, Ray Rumours, Räuberhöhle, Respect My Fist, Seth Corbin, She Said Destroy, Sissters, Sister Spit Roadshow, Scream Club, Sister Mantos, Sleazy Inc. Operated, Ste McCabe, still breathing, STLS, Sweet Sweet Moon, Tall As Trees, Team Gina, Tiger Magic, The Anna Thompsons, The Dropout Patrol, The Shondes, Translola, Trapped Lovers’ Shitty Covers, Trophy Wife, Vagina Jones, Vaginal Davis, Verity Susman, xfirstworldproblemx, You’re Only Massive, Zén

We organized and co-organized European tours for

Purple Rhinestone Eagle, (hooker), Trophy Wife, Des Ark and SISSTERS, The Shondes, LIINES and Maybecyborgs

We put on several release parties for Missy Magazine, aftershow parties for Zinefest Berlin and had teamed up with Riot Grrrl Berlin, Bildwechsel Berlin, Hollaback! Berlin, Ladiyfest Berlin, Ausland, fame over, about blank, Marie Antoinette, Paper & Iron Booking, thirsty & miserable, M:Soundtrack, Little League Shows, Emancypunx, Raumerweiterungshalle.

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All live photos by Rene Greffin
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